Herbal Therapy

As an herbal specialist, Sal Amadeo takes great care in matching his clients with the ideal herbal and supplemental support for their individual healing process. Our Herbal Apothecary is stocked with many herbs and other products to prevent or treat a wide variety of ailments, including hard-to-find Chinese natural herbal medicines. We recognize the benefits of modern Western medicine; however it is time to be aware of the value of traditional Eastern medicine. Many hospitals nationwide are adopting an integrative approach blending East and West as in yin and yang. Pharmaceuticals are all too often looked to first, when a more gentle and natural herbal remedy would suffice and help individuals avoid the use of drugs and surgery.

Herbal Apothecary

The Amadeus Herbal Apothecary offers traditional herbal formulas, teas, vitamins, supplements, natural medicines and homeopathic remedies for both children and adults. Also featured are natural skin care and aromatherapy products, bath salts and massage oils.

Amadeus Herbal Apothecary Recommended Formulas and Supplements

After many years of seeing how herbal supplements work with a wide range of people, we have found these five to be of extraordinary help to many. We always advise that herbal supplements be used with the advice of an experienced herbalist.

Five Flower Formula — If you find yourself getting sudden attacks of stress, panic,
fear, anxiety, sadness (virtually any negative emotion adversely affecting your day), just put
some of this stuff under your tongue and watch your foul mood dissolve almost instantly!
It is merely made of flowers, and therefore so gentle it can be given to children and pets,
but it is powerful and a true must-have for any home, office, car, purse or pocket.

Holy Basil — New Chapter Supercritical Holy Basil 60 softgels
Uplift, Calm and Balance Available in 60 hexane-free softgel capsules . Supports normal
cortisol, blood sugar, and insulin metabolism* Protects healthy cells from radiation
damage. Elevates spirit. Between this herb and Bach Flower, your stress doesn’t stand
a chance!

Corydalis — Natural pain relief. Many of our chronic pain clients take Corydalis as an
alternative to habit-producing prescription pain medications. This Chinese herb also known
as Shao Yao Gan Cao Jia Yan Hu Tang) is safe and potent. We offer it in both tablet form
and liquid form.

Lonicera — Cold, Flu, What-have-you. Lonicera, or Japanese Honeysuckle is the
miracle cure you’ve been looking for.

Cranberry Emergen-C — A tasty fizzy drink that boosts energy, immunity and
kicks a cold where it counts. Contains 1,000 mg of Vitamin C as seven Mineral Ascorbates,
38 Active Mineral Complexes and B Vitamins, and 1,000 mg Cranberry powder. Electrolyte
balanced and easy to travel with in pocket-ready packets, just add water and drink! You’ll
feel the effects instantly.

Himalyan Goji Juice — About Goji, “The Himalayan Health Secret”
“A doctor researching an ancient society deep in the Himalayan Mountains, discovered that the people living close to certain wells of water lived to be over 100 years, had to grey hair, and never lost their teeth. This region between Nepal and India, is considered by many to be one of the most sacred places on earth. As it turned out, GOJI BERRIES had fallen from trees overhead into the source of the society’s water.