Low back pain | Hip pain |Sciatica

Pain in these areas may be caused by an imbalance in our core muscles. Often involved is the iliopsoas (this is the “core” of the core) and the quadratus lumborum (a back stabilizing muscle). These muscles must work in concert, without either being overly contracted. When out of balance, nerves can be over stimulated, which may be felt as pain. Other muscles may be involved as well, such as the piriformis, which is a deep muscle below the gluteuls, causing radiating pain down the leg. An imbalance here will often affect the sacrum and the coccygeal ligament. A leg length imbalance may also occur as a result of asymmetric tensions which can provide valuable information as to where treatment needs to be focused.  The goal is restoring the essential balance of these parts. Exercise may make the situation worse, not better. Our alternative healing methods work with your natural balancing abilities to restore health and reduce or eliminate pain.


Natural treatment options available at Amadeus Center include:

  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Cold Laser
  • Micro current
  • Specific targeted stretching


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