Natural Treatment to Heal Sports Injuries

Return to your sport faster, with less chance of re-injury by choosing the targeted healing methods of Amadeus Center.

Your sport is a vital part of your life – treat your injuries with the same level of care and concern as you do the dedication to, and perfection of, your skills.


Natural and effective treatment methods for sports injuries

Amadeus Center Natural Treatment

Why choose Amadeus Center first?         

  • Results and relief from the first treatment.
  • Natural, non-invasive safe methods
  • Speed overall recovery time
  • Methods set to your needs
  • Lower cost – Higher value treatments

Other choices some seek, and why Amadeus Center should be your first choice-

Medical Doctors

A sports injury doctor may not be the ideal way to treat your sports injury. The success rate for surgery to relieve chronic sports injury is only about 50%, and long term success is rarer still. In many case, a better, less intrusive answer may be alternative natural healing methods that are actually more effective, because they operate at a basic cellular level without masking drugs or irreversible surgery.


Seeking the help of a chiropractor has often been the path chosen by those who want an alternative to the medical model of treatment for sports injuries. While chiropractors may in some instances be able to help, usually the soft tissues affected respond much more favorably to other natural healing methods, such as those employed at Amadeus Center. Chiropractors may fit an injury to a certain treatment, rather than choosing treatments appropriate to your specific sports injury.

Physical Therapists

The types and nature of common sports injuries often cause medical recommendations to get help from a Physical Therapist. However, this is a slow process, if it helps much at all. While effective for some post-surgical rehabilitation, natural therapy methods used at Amadeus Center can provide a wider range of options that heal more quickly and permanently. Physical Therapists can often be an aid in strengthening to help prevent re-injury.

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