Stop Smoking with

The Amadeus Smoking Cessation Program

Take Back Your Health
Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Program


Hypnotherapy Sessions designed to use hypnosis to stop smoking and
take back your health – take back your life.
It’s learning to change your mind, to change your behaviors.
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Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Take Back Your Health Smoking Cessation Program is how you can stop smoking. Our carefully planned hypnotherapy smoking cessation program is tailored to your needs. Hypnotherapy is used together with cold laser treatment when appropriate. Sessions are at our convenient New Haven, CT location.

Each session includes:

  • A hypnotherapy session specifically designed to help you stop smoking
  • Cold laser treatment (Low level laser treatment) when appropriate
  • A short counseling session
  • Questions answered
  • Friendly and helpful support
  • Complete confidentiality


The Simple Way It Will Work For You

In the first session, a “quit date” is chosen. After each hypnotherapy session you are given simple, easy “homework” – things to do to begin changing smoking behavior, such as for one week not smoking while driving, another week to get rid of all lighters and use matches only. By the “quit date”, you are ready, willing, and able to quit.

The sessions are provided by a trained hypnotist who has many years of experience with smoking cessation programs.

Cold laser treatment (also called low level laser treatment) is often used in conjunction with hypnotherapy for a synergistic effect to further aid your progress towards freedom from smoking.

You will realize that to quit smoking you are not giving up tobacco, you are taking back your life!

Your Success in Stopping Smoking

Former smokers say that a support network of family and friends is very important in learning how to stop smoking. Co-workers and your family doctor may offer support and encouragement. Tell your friends about your plans to quit, and then your success in stopping smoking. Try to spend time with non-smokers and ex-smokers who will support your efforts to quit. Talk with them about what you need — for instance, patience as you go through cravings, taking your late-night or early-morning phone calls, and plans for doing things in smoke-free settings. Find out what you can count on each friend or family member to do.

Comfortable and Safe Sessions
at our New Haven office
(number sessions will vary depending on the individual treatment plan)