What our clients tell us

“Dear Sal, Thank you so much for helping to eliminate my lower back and neck pain. I was in excruciating pain and unable to perform my daily functions. Thanks to your treatments I am pain free and have resumed most of my activities. My experience at the center has been a positive one.”

– Lynn, President, Surgical Supply Company – CT

“Sal Amadeo was instrumental in my recovery from a lengthy struggle with a hip injury. To no avail, I spent five months dealing with the traditional medical system’s futile efforts to diagnose the problem. Before, the pain was becoming threatening to my productivity at work and my overall mental health. The innovative rehabilitation techniques used by Sal eliminated my pain, restoring my body to full capacity. After several sessions with Sal, I was able to return to my regular activities, including marathon training.”

– Renee, New Haven – CT

“Over five years ago I broke my wrist and underwent surgery. After a lengthy recuperation period, I was referred to physical therapy by my doctor. I was anxious to restore function to my arm but the physical therapy was ineffective. From there, I went to hand therapy and they created a device that did no good at all. It seemed the doctors were not listening— though the fracture was in my wrist, the primary area of severe pain was farther up the forearm. I went to Sal a couple of times and it was fine! I was without the use of my arm from November to August. Been better ever since.”

– Maryann, Branford – CT

“I have been coming to Amadeus for several years now. During that time I have experienced several different emotional and physical traumas, including accidents and serious illness. Coming here has helped me every time, and has given me a strong mind/body connection. I can walk in shaped and feeling like a question mark and walk out shaped and feeling like and exclamation point!”

– Alexis, Derby – CT

“After surgery, I came to Amadeus seeking to relax again. The treatment I received went beyond my expectations. I now receive acupuncture to alleviate many of the side effects of my medications, increase my energy and concentration, and lessen some of my symptons. The quality of the the treatment is superb, and it has really made a difference in my ability to get through my days.”

– Ann, Yale student – New Haven, CT

“Words are inadequate to express my appreciation to the Amadeus Center for all they have done for me. For anyone with health issues, I highly recommend the Acupuncture, Reflexology and Massage that they offer.”

– Irene – NY, NY

“Most of us have something that we do with artistry and passion. Sal Amadeo’s art is our good fortune. He attunes himself to our well-being and to any interference with it that we are experiencing. Then, with his wealth of knowledge and familiarity with eastern medicine, he applies a combination of skills and tools that he has at his disposal, in what may seem like a magical mix to a westerner (such as myself). But he combines observation and intuition with wisdom and skill. The results, though they aren’t magic, are extraordinary. I’ve brought my family, where they were happily treated with the same good care that I’ve received. I recommend him as a warm, caring person and a skilled medical practitioner.”

Tracy – Milford, CT

“I was recommended by a golf pro. He had been treated by Salvatore Amadeo for lower back pain which affected his game. He was then able to resume golf with no pain. Having a similar issue, I met with Sal, and after a great consultation, I trusted his honesty and methods, so began therapy. After few sessions, my activity resumed to tremendous relief, pain free. I had informed Sal that my PSA levels were high, so Sal again applied his skills, using acupuncture and massage to rebalance my body. After several weeks, testing showed resumption of normal PSA levels. My doctor and I were both greatly relieved. Sal’s extraordinary skills have been my good fortune in getting and keeping me healthy.”

Vincent Farricielli – Orange, CT

“I am writing to thank you! I went to the Amadeus Center with a tongue that was numb after a wisdom tooth extraction damaged a nerve. It had been seven months since the extraction, and I was worried that the damage would be permanent and that I would never have feeling back in my tongue. After an hour and a half of acupuncture, combined with other treatments, I had complete feeling back in my tongue, in addition to other areas in the back of my throat that I had no idea were numb. It was absolutely unbelievable! I had never received acupuncture treatment in the past, and I am glad that I followed my instincts to pursue treatment via acupuncture. Now I can go back to living life normally, without the painful tingling and numbness that were in my tongue. Thank you again!”

– Elizabeth – CT